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Top 10 Best Laptop Locks in 2019 Reviews

When you are out, it may not be easy to watch over your valuables like electronic devices. The laptop is one of the most vulnerable electronic devices, due to its portability. Nonetheless, with a laptop lock, you can be sure of having your laptop well secured. This is a cable that is attached to the laptop and a stable support, which ensures that it is not easily carried away. The cable is also made from durable materials that are not easily cut and for that, you can relax, knowing that your laptop is secured. There are top companies that make the laptop cables, offering different features. That means that you will find locks that vary from one to another, with regard to their features and specifications. Some are universal, while others are made for specific laptops. Here are the top 10 laptop lock 2019 reviews.

10. Noble Security NS20T Notebook Lock

Noble Security NS20T Notebook Lock
This is a universal laptop lock that comes with a 6mm thick cable and a coating that protects it from scratches. It also comes with 2 keys that have specific serial numbers. It will work with any laptop and it also has a high quality stainless steel design, making it strong enough.

9. Belkin F8E550 Laptop Lock

Belkin F8E550 Laptop Lock
This cable lock will lock your notebook laptop and it has been designed with a rugged galvanized steel cable that is lightweight and 6 feet long. This makes it strong and durable enough, with high quality cable, tough enough to endure harsh conditions. The lock also comes with two keys and it is included with a travel bag, for easier storage. Above all, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you are sure of enjoying it for a long time.

8. V7 SLC500-8N Laptop Lock

V7 SLC500-8N Laptop Lock
This laptop lock measures 5 feet and it has a high quality lock head, which is tamper-proof. The cable is also galvanized and is cut-resistant, covered in a vinyl jacket for extra protection. It has a keyless lock system that has a wheel combination of 4 digits, allowing you to access a maximum of 10,000 combinations.

7. Sendt Black Laptop Lock Cable

Sendt Black Laptop Lock Cable
This is laptop lock is quite reliable, with a cable length of 6 feet and a combination that is easy to change, whenever you need to. It is black in color and it also has a dial combination of 4 digits, it will lock most of the laptops and generally, it will lock any laptop that has a Kensington Security Slot.

6. Manhattan 6ft laptop Lock

Manhattan 6ft laptop Lock
This cable lock has an integrated security slot and the cable is strong enough to resist cuts. The cable is made from a highly durable steel that is tamper-proof. It comes with a PU jacket that is black in color, so you can easily carry it with you, wherever you go.

5. Targus DefconTMCL Laptop Lock

Targus DefconTMCL Laptop Lock
This cable has been made with a tough metal that prevents it from tamper and cuts. It is about 6 feet long and 2 inches thick. You can lock it and still be able to use your laptop. The combinations are easy to set and you will not need to walk around with keys. The cable is also vinyl coated and it is a galvanized steel, so you are sure of a super tough laptop lock.

4. Kensington K6437WW Laptop Lock

Kensington K6437WW Laptop Lock
This laptop lock is meant for laptops that have the Kensingtong Security Slot, which is the most common slot in the current laptops. The cable is made from super strong steel that measures 5 feet and it offers the strongest cable for your laptop lock. You will only operate it with one click, meaning that it is very easy to use. The cable has been designed to resist tampering and keep it safe from theft.

3. 6 Foot Laptop Lock

6 Foot Laptop Lock
This is one of the leading laptop locks, which has been made with high quality materials for more strength. It is a universal lock that can be used in any laptop and also, it comes with dial combination of 4 digits and it is quite easy to operate and attach to your laptop. It will firmly attach to your laptop and it will not be cut easily.

2. Kensington 64068F Laptop Lock

Kensington 64068F Laptop Lock
This laptop lock helps to keep your laptop in place, and it is also long enough, measuring 6 feet, so you can still use the laptop, while it is locked. The cable is made of carbon-tempered steel and a steel composite core, for extra strength and durability. For that, it will resist tampering and cuts, assuring you of a secure laptop for the longest time possible. It is also easy to use and you will install it easily, without any difficulty.

1. KensingtonK64663US Laptop Lock

KensingtonK64663US Laptop Lock
This is the best laptop lock you would want to have, which has been made with high quality steel, implying that it can last for long. It is able to resist the tampers and cuts and it will lock any laptop with the Kenisngton Security Slot. You can make your online orders of the keys, in case you misplace the master key. The cable is slim, but super strong.

Before you choose a laptop lock to use, you will need to ensure that you know if it will attach to the lock slot of your laptop.

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