Top 10 Best Motorcycle Boots in 2019 Reviews

Whether you are a biker master or a novice, you will definitely want to have a motorbike boot. The boots are very vital accessories that help a lot by keeping your feet protected against the flying rocks or any pricking item that might be on the road. You will be able to control your bike with ease when you have a good pair of motorcycle boots. With the right choice of boots, you will be able to enjoy your time on the bike and also, you will look like a professional biker. There are some boots that have been designed with an elegant style, so they look more like fashion boots. Most of the boots that are highly rated by many bikers are the waterproof boots. These boots are made by top brands and they come in different models. Here is a list of the top 10 Motorcycle boots 2019 reviews.

10. Joe Racket Sonic R Leather Boot

Joe Racket Sonic R Leather Boot
This boot has been made with an elegant leather construction and the inner lining is waterproof. Besides being waterproof, it has a breathable membrane, making you cool and avoid sweaty feet. It is super light and durable as well. The toe slides are replaceable and it also has a double stitching around the base, making it super durable.

9. Alphinestars Alpha Touring Boots

Alphinestars Alpha Touring Boots
These boots are also waterproof and they are unisex as well. They are super stylish and you can be sure of looking elegant in them, with a great pair of jeans. They also have a padded inner sole that is flexible to allow the free movement of the feet when you are stepping on the pedal. There is a stretch panel that is zipped, allowing you to tighten it and make it loose, whenever you need to. The leather at the toe is dual-layer covered, for extra protection.

8. Monza Women’s Motorcycle Boot

Monza Women’s Motorcycle Boot
If you are a woman and you love riding the motorbike, then this is the best boot to choose. It is light and quite durable. It also has an amazing design, so it doesn’t exactly look like a standard motorcycle boot. The outer-lining is waterproof and it will help to keep water out. The sole is an anti-twist and you will comfortably use it, without any challenges. It also has a PU coated leather that makes it super stylish and long lasting as well.

7. Black 9020 Reflective Boots

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 3.08.40 PM

This is a great pair of boots that you would want to have, if you need a reliable, waterproof pair of boots that is also durable enough. It will keep you safe on the road, thanks to the reflective details around it. It has been made from quality leather and it also features a double zip for ease when wearing it.

6. Cortech Men’s Latigo Air

Cortech Men’s Latigo Air
This one is another waterproof boot that is made with a top class technology. The upper section is made of Mycro Tech upperHipora technology, for extra durability and comfort. The rear ankle is also molded to allow you to step down with comfort and perfect support, while on the bike. The slider is replaceable and it has a special layer that absorbs the vibrations.

5. Harley-Davidson Wolverine Boots

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 3.12.59 PM
These boots are light in weight and they are also waterproof. They are made from an oiled leather that is super reliable and long lasting. The layer is also breathable, but still water resistant. The inner section features a twin-pad, for extra cushioning.

4. Bilt Hurricane Boots

Bilt Hurricane Boots

This boot is 10 inches high and is made with a full leather upper section and the rubber sole is oil resistant. The outer lining is completely waterproof and it keeps the interior of the boots dry, regardless of the weather. The heel panel is reinforced to offer more stability while you are riding. Above all, these boots are very stylish.

3. Bates Men’s Reyes Boots

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 10.02.16 PM
These boots have been made from full grain leather and they are also breathable, with a rubber sole that is very durable. It is light and very comfortable and in addition, it is super stylish and you will be sure of enjoying while in these shoes and also look elegant. The mid sole is made of an Eva foam pad, which makes it more stable and comfortable.

2. Bates Escalante Boots

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 10.03.30 PM
These are boots for men and they have been made with an unmatched elegance. It has been made with a rubber sole and a waterproof leather. There is also a breathable mesh, so the interior remains cool and dry. The lace-up is easy to manage and you will also remove the boots without any difficulty.

1. Tour Master Solution WP 2.0 Boots

Tour Master Solution WP 2.0 Boots
This is the best choice you would want to choose when you need a reliable and durable pair of motorcycle boots. It has a flexible panel that offers an amazing comfort and the sole are made with a perfect grip, so there is no slipping of any case. It also features an auto-lock zip system for extra flexibility.

All these boots are waterproof, but they have a different style and comfort, so you might want to be keen when choosing any of them.

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