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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Gloves in 2019 Reviews

First of all, to be qualified as a biker, you need to have a very important item, motorbike, but the list doesn’t stop there. There are many things that a biker needs for their long journey or for the daily ride. And one of the items that all bikers share the same concerns is the gloves. Wearing glove is essential in driving the motorcycle, it does not only help the driver to hold the handle grip firmer, but it also keeps your hand from getting burn and reduces the risk of skin cancer as well.

Now I think you come here with the purpose in mind to know about something. This article will help you to make a better decision before buying the gloves for yourself. Based on our online research surveying the customer opinions and review, we have discovered these top 10 best motorcycle gloves to buy this year. Just grab the one you think is right, and your journey is on.

Motorcycle Glove Details

ThumbnailProduct NameByPrice on Amazon
Crazystone's FOX Motorcycle finger glovesGlovesCrazy Check Price
OMGAI Men's tech touch glovesOMGAI Check Price
CrazyLynx Outdoor Black tactical slip glovesCrazyLynX Check Price
Fantastic Zone's ventilate wear-resistant tactical glovesFantastic Zone Check Price
Reebow Fear military hard knuckle tactical glovesREEBOW GEAR Check Price
TitanOPS motorcycle military tactical glovesTitanOps Gear Check Price
KevenAnna Full finger cycling motorcycle glovesKevenAnna Check Price
OMGAI upgraded men's full finger motorcycle glovesOMGAI Check Price
Reebow Tactical hard knuckle tactical combat glovesREEBOW TACTICAL Check Price
FREETOO military rubber tactical glovesFREETOO Check Price

10. Crazystone’s FOX Motorcycle finger gloves

  • By: GlovesCrazy

A finger gloves by FOX, an American well-known company for producing racing accessories. This glove is designed for the perfect use of motocross and tactical racing. FOX makes this of 100% cotton lycra giving the softness and comfort of your hand. Moreover, this pair of gloves are also breathable with its design giving you enough warmth but don’t make your hand sweat. For safety-wise, it helps to protect your hands and prevent any accidental infringement with its non-slip grip on the gloves.

You can select this glove based on your palm size ranging from small to large. And this pair of gloves also features the elastic velcro that is adjustable to your wrist size and stays firmly in your hand. This FOX’s gloves are available in five different colors ranging from dark blue to the pure white. This glove is a perfect pair of protection you can have for your long moto journey and still retain your authentic style.

9. OMGAI Men’s tech touch gloves

  • By: OMGAI

This pair of gloves makes it to the list claiming itself as a tech touch glove. Indeed, it features the touch sensors on index finger and thumb that will work on any device’s screen. So you don’t necessarily need to take the gloves off to use your phone. The glove is made from elasticized microfiber fabric giving it the lightweight and ultra-soft and comfort. And at the same time, the reinforced leather and the rubber on the knuckles offering premium protection. The design features the breath holes covering and the breathable stretch nylon materials that give you no chance in hand-sweating. The design and materials make this pair gloves usable in a wide range of purposes from motocross racing to mountain climbing or lumbering work.

You can choose your preferred size that available in medium, large and extra large. And about the color, it comes only in black which gives you classy and stylish looks while you hit the road.

8. CrazyLynx Outdoor Black tactical slip gloves

  • By: CrazyLynX

Black lover find this list amusing since it is dominated by the black gloves. This is another glove from CrazyLynx which is perfect use to protect your hands for hunting, tactical training, riding, cycling or climbing. But no, don’t get into the fight with this gloves on, you will break others’ face with its hard knuckle. CrazyLynx makes this gloves of microfiber fabric with the breathable design allowing exceptional fit and comfort. And for safety concerns, the gloves feature the reinforced padded palm giving you slip-resistant palm and 100% confident in driving.

Moreover, it is specially made to resist with bacteria and free of bad odor, and you can wash it in machine conveniently. You don’t need to sweat your hand everytime you wear these gloves as it is dry-fast through its breathable holes. These CrazyLynx gloves come in two sizes, large and extra large. However, you can adjust it for your hand size with the attached wrist strap.

7. Fantastic Zone’s ventilate wear-resistant tactical gloves

  • By: Fantastic Zone

Indeed, this is another tactical gloves to look into. By its looks, you may think of the ones wore by the Cobra Commander in the G.I. Joe. Not only looks great, it also feels great to wear as well. They are produced by the genuine materials of high-quality leather that give you maximum driving performance. On the palm, you can find the reinforced padded with grip, so your hand doesn’t slip easily on the accelerator. To protect the back of the hand, molded foam are placed to protect any risk that can happen. And, you also don’t need to worry about getting your hand sweat, the design features the breathable spandex materials that allow your hand to dry fast when you sweat.

These gloves come with two options and two colors as well. You can choose between the full-finger and the half-finger one. For color-wise, brown and black are your alternatives. And if you are worried about the size, Fantastic Zone offer you with three sizes from Medium, Large and Extra Large. However, the gloves are adjustable with the elasticized wrist velcro and also allow you to take off and put on easily as well.

6. Reebow Fear military hard knuckle tactical gloves


This multipurpose motorcycle riding glove is also an ideal for those who engage in a wide range of outdoor activities like skateboarding, paintball, shooting, hunting, climbing, etc. Reebow makes this gloves of microfiber fabric that will give you the soft and comfortable feeling while riding your motorcycle. Moreover, the design features the breathable stretch nylon material that allows the sweat to dry fast, so it doesn’t stink as well. And for safety-wise, the gloves’ palm are padded with the grip that eliminates the risk of slipping your hand while driving.

Since these gloves are produced in the military theme, three colors available on the market are black, brown, and the army green. And you can choose the size from small to extra large. The gloves also feature the adjustable elastic velcro that helps you to put on and take off. And not to forget, it is also an easy-to-care glove that you can wash and dry it in the machine.

5. TitanOPS motorcycle military tactical gloves

  • By: TitanOps Gear

What kind of gloves would you need when you need the protection, comfort, and style at the same time? You get the tactical gloves that multifunction as a motorcycle riding gloves. And I said that for few reasons. This pair of gloves is made of microfiber leather lycra that gives your hand ultra comfort. The reinforced padded palm give you the slip-resistant function that assures your risk-free rides. The design of this glove will keep your hand warm and also dry at the same time, thanks to its breathable holes that allow your sweat to dry fast.

These TitanOPS gloves come with three colors such as green, black, and tan. However, you can choose either the half-finger or full-finger based on your preference. The glove sizes range from medium to extra large, and it also features the elasticized wrist strap to adjust your size and also to help you putting it on and off.

4. KevenAnna Full finger cycling motorcycle gloves

  • By: KevenAnna

Made of high-quality treated leather, these motorcycle gloves come with the breathable stretch design that allows no sweat on your hand. Moreover, these material contribute largely to its lightweight and quick-dry. The design also includes the elasticized velcro closure on the wrist that helps your to put it on and take it off easily. The full finger design benefits the motorcycle rider to cover all their hand from burning sunlight. Not only just for the motorcycle riding, you can wear these gloves other outdoor activities such as climbing, cycling, working out, etc. due to its durability. When you put it on, you can see and feel the molded foam that places right on your knuckles to protect the pack of your hand.

You may choose the gloves based on your preferences in color and size. There are two colors available, black and brown. And the sizes are available to choose from medium to extra large.

3. OMGAI upgraded men’s full finger motorcycle gloves


  • By: OMGAI

Second products from OMGAI to make the list this year. And this one is the upgraded version of the previous one you saw a few minutes ago. This newly-innovated design features better touch sensors on index finger and thumb and fits more to your hand for ultra-comfort. Materially, OMGAI makes these gloves of leather and feature the reinforced stitching as well as the carbon fiber knuckles that give you maximum protection. But a little note, don’t get into the fight with this glove, you will end up breaking others’ face. The adjustable strap in this upgraded version uses the hook-and-loop fastener to help you put it on easier. The lightweight materials make these gloves to be easy to care since it is machine washable.

These multipurpose gloves come in three sizes, medium, large, and extra large. However, a drawback for anti-black people, these gloves don’t come in other colors.

2. Reebow Tactical hard knuckle tactical combat gloves


Another company that repeats its name in the list this year. Reebow tactical gloves is the second best motorcycle riding gloves that you should pay attention to. These gloves claim to provides exceptional dexterity and flexibility when riding. And the claim is true for some reasons. Reebow produces these gloves from the lightweight material of microfiber leather making it ultra-soft, comfortable when riding your motorcycles. The design also features the breathable holes helping you to dry your hand quick from the relentless sweat. The back of your hand will be protected by the molded foam and the palm can perform the heavy duty beside driving, thanks to the reinforced palm. Interestingly, you can easily put it on and off with the adjustable wrist strap.

Beside motorcycle riding, you can also use these gloves for other outdoor activities such as climbing, cycling, hunting, etc. You can find the Reebow’s gloves in three colors, tan, black and army green. And the sizes are available for choosing from small to extra large.

1. FREETOO military rubber tactical gloves


So now we have come to the top product that crowns the list this year. This is best people’s choice motorcycle riding gloves you can find in 2019. It is the output from FREETOO. The rubber gloves are said to provide top breathable comfort and exceptional fit for your long motorcycle journey. The important features you can find here are the palm reinforcement that helps you to handle the heavy duty and also avoid the possible slip as well. Another interesting feature is that it is made of lightweight nylon material in webbing and breathable design to generate maximum comfort. You can use these gloves not only for motorcycle riding but also for dealing with other heavy duties task as well.

The FREETOO tactical gloves are available in both full-finger and fingerless style. And you can choose the colors between the three of black, tan, and green. To assist you when putting on and off, the FREETOO gloves features the elasticized wrist velcro that holds your hand tight while using. And not to forget, you can choose the sizes of these gloves from small to XXL. Big-handed people feel sad no more.

Motorcycle gloves buyer’s guide:

Buying motorcycle gloves for yourself shouldn’t be big and complicated things. You only need to be sure with yourself about few things.

  • Make sure what kind of materials you are looking for. The materials that normally make the gloves are nylon, leather, microfiber fabric. Be sure with what you can go with, what you can’t.
  • Consider about your uses of the gloves, whether you use it just for riding or for other outdoor activities. By that, you can decide whether to go for half-finger style or the full-finger one.
  • Know the size of your hand, normally the size varies largely from small to XXL. Make sure you check the size list in each page, so you wouldn’t buy the bigger or smaller one mistakenly.

1 thought on “Top 10 Best Motorcycle Gloves in 2019 Reviews”

  1. In most cases, a professional biker will be fully equipped when cruising on the highway, while on their motorbike. One of the major accessories that the biker will have is a pair of gloves. This is a very vital gear that anyone who wishes to ride a motorbike must have. Mostly, when you are cruising down the road, adrenaline will be triggered in the body and you will start sweating, especially on the hands. When your hands become sweaty, they will start slipping off the handle of the motorbike. For that, you will not be able to control the motorbike perfectly and you will basically be vulnerable to having an accident. That’s why it is highly advised to have a reliable pair of gloves, for the sake of having an easy time on the road. You must choose the gloves wisely, while considering its reliability and comfort, in relation to its features. Here is a look at the top 10 Motorcycle Gloves 2017 reviews.

    Dainese Blackjack

    This pair of gloves has an elegant look that is classic and with some modern twist. It is a great choice if you are riding your bike on a hot and sunny day. It is elastic and has a wrist that is adjustable as well. You will not have sweaty hands, since it is perforated for extra comfort.

    Boston Traveler Deerskin Gloves

    These gloves are amazing, with a great color display, made from deerskin, so it has the light brown color. You can enjoy riding your bike during winter, which will keep you warm enough. The gloves have been made with a Thinsulate technology, which makes them extra stylish and have an elegant look. You will be sure of staying warm all through. The inner lining is soft and it fits the hand perfectly.

    Alpinestars SMX-2 Gloves

    These gloves have an amazing structure and design. They are made with the carbon knuckle guards, a leather main shell structure and a sophisticated 3D mesh. This means that it has been made to offer you full protection and comfort, since it has sections that allow air to flow freely.

    Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves

    This is a pair of gloves that has been used by the likes of Jorge Lorenzo, meaning that they are perfectly built to offer the best, while you are cruising down the road. It has been made from the kangaroo skin, so it is quite sturdy. The outer hand section is perforated and the palm is made with a perfect grip.

    Rev’It Dirt 2

    This is another great pair of gloves that is made with utmost elegance. It has a slim look, with tough protectives on the hand knuckles. This ensures that you stay secure and protected, in case of any fall. The gloves are super light and very flexible, so you will wear them comfortably and without any problems. The fingertips have been customized to allow you to operate your smartphone with the gloves on.

    First Manufacturing Gloves

    These gloves have also been made with elegance and you will comfortably fit them in your hand, with no space left. It is quite comfortable, thanks to a flexible wrist strap, so you will easily enjoy your motorbike.

    Race Guide Glove

    This is another great pair of gloves that has been designed for the hot summer season. You will be able to cruise with comfort, while still staying safe. It has some ventilation, which keeps your hands cool and free from sweating. It has been made with a Clarino synthetic leather on the palms and the knuckles are protected with rubber. The gloves fit perfectly, thanks to the Maximum Comfort Fit Technology, which makes it extra amazing.

    Held Air n Dry

    This is a great choice if you like touring, even in the hot days. The gloves have a perforated palm that is made from Kangaroo leather and the upper section is made with a DuPont Cordura. It is a comfortable piece of gloves that also offers full protection to the biker. In case it rains, you can utilize the Gore-Tex feature, which is waterproof and integrated within the gloves. This is one of the gloves that has a super stylish design, so you can wear it around, without feeling weird.

    Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves

    When it comes to comfort, protection and style, the Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves can deliver them all. This pair of gloves has been designed to fit perfectly in the hand and also offer total reliability. It has been made with a sheepskin, so it is tender and tough enough to keep you protected. The knuckles are covered with plastic, for extra protection. The palm is made from goatskin, so it will have a good grip when you are cruising on the asphalt highway.

    Scorpion SGS Bike Gloves

    These are the best gloves that you would want to have when you want to ride your motorbike. They have been from high grade leather, with a Kangaroo skin palm, for a perfect grip. The wrist is a hook-and-loop type, which makes it more comfortable. The fingers and palm have been out-stitched with Kevlar to get rid of the seam feel inside the gloves

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