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Top 10 Best Power Saw in 2019 Reviews

Anyone who specializes in the production of wooden items, like furniture, realizes the importance of having a reliable power saw. Regardless of the woodwork you want to make, you will need to have the right power saw. The best type of power saw to have is one that is powerful enough and easy to use. These power saws make it easier to work on your wood and make super elegant items. You will be able to carry out a quick DIY project with a power tool. Since these tools are made from different manufacturers, it means that you will find power saws that have different features and delivery. For that reason, you need to choose the best power saw, which will serve you as expected. Some of the major aspects that differentiate these tools include the design, power features, safety features and also the portability. Here is a look at the top 10 power saw 2019 reviews.

10. Porter-Cable PC-15CSLSK

Porter-Cable PC-15CSLSK

This is a great circular saw that is also quite affordable. It comes loaded with a 15 Amps motor that is powerful enough to allow you to work freely on your woodwork. It also features a basic interface, so you will set it up easily, without any challenges. You will not have any related difficulties when you want to start using this saw.

9. SkilSaw 5680-02

SkilSaw 5680-02

This saw is a great piece that will help you out in your woodwork at home or at your workshop. It also has a 15Amp motor, which is both powerful and able to save on your energy bills. It is a 7 and a quarter inch saw that is big enough to cut through different types of wood and small enough to control easily.

8. Rockwell VersaCut Saw

Rockwell VersaCut Saw

This is a great power saw that looks very sleek. It comes with a laser, which helps to guide you as you cut through the wood. This power saw is quite light, with a lightweight of 4 pounds, with a blade that measures 3 3/8 inches. It has a 4 Amp motor that can help you with your minor DIY projects at home. It might not be the best option for a heavy woodwork, since it has a restricted power.

7. Makita Hypoid Saw – 5477NB

Makita Hypoid Saw – 5477NB

This is also a seven and a quarter inch saw that has a motor of 15 Amps. It has been made with a top level technology, which makes it a very reliable piece. The motor has been made with a sealed oil bath, which is similar to the car. This is a good saw that can manage a heavy woodwork. It also features a hypoid gear system, which offers flexibility as you are working on your projects.

6. Dewalt Worm Drive

Dewalt Worm Drive

This power saw will be able to last for a long time, thanks to its features and functions. It has been made with some magnesium support, which makes it extra durable. It also comes with a 15 amp motor, so it will be more stable and will offer you the needed power. The power saw also spins at an amazing rate of 4800rpm.

5. Dewalt Bare Tool Saw

Dewalt Bare Tool Saw

This power saw is among the best, which is portable and you can use it comfortably, without the cord. It uses a battery, which is powerful enough to rotate the blade and cut through the wood. However, the power is not as strong as that of the corded power saw. When the battery is fully charged, it will spin at 3700rpm, which is quite reliable. It is a great tool that can help in times of emergencies.

4. Bosch CS5 Saw

Bosch CS5 Saw

The Bosch CS5 is a great power saw that is slightly heavy, measuring 10 pounds, though it is run by a 15 Amp motor. It is able to cut through heavy woods and give you an easier work. You will not have any difficulties, regardless of its weight. It has an extra sharp blade, so it is easier to push it through.

3. Porter Cable Power Saw

Porter Cable Power Saw

This is an amazing power saw that has been included with a laser, which will guide you on how you are working, for perfect results. It has a 13Amp motor, and a speed of 5000rpm, meaning that it is safe enough. It measures 7 and a quarter inches and it is also quite light.

2. Dewalt DWE575SB

Dewalt DWE575SB

This power saw measures 7 and a quarter inches and it is also very powerful. It weighs only about 8 pounds, with a 15Amp motor. The power saw can spin at an amazing speed of 5200rpm. For that, it is a powerful saw that is also very fast in delivering the best. The saw also has a stamped aluminium shoe, which promotes flexibility of angles when working on your woodwork.

1. Makita Magnesium

Makita Magnesium

This is the best power saw and it has been made with a great design, with a high power. It will move over the wood with ease and it is light in weight. It allows you to create different bevel angles and the bevel will stop on the main cutting angles, so there is comfort and reliability.

Different power saws offer different delivery, they also have varied features. For that, you must choose the right power saw, according to your needs and what you need to use it for.

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