Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas for Your Teacher

Chances are good you can think back to a special teacher who somehow went beyond the call of duty to you and became a fond memory that will last a life time. Some teachers are just that special. When you find out that the teacher you loved is now retiring, you may want to give them a special gift to show that you feel they are noteworthy. Here are the top 10 retirement gift ideas for your teacher to prove to them that you appreciated their efforts.

10 Retirement Gift Ideas for Your Teacher

10. A Vacation

A sad but honest truth is that teachers often do not get paid the amount that they deserve for teaching kids their ABCs. You can make up for that in a way with donations from other parents or people that love them as a teacher and feel that they deserve the vacation. Surely someone will know where this amazing teacher has always dreamed of going. Ask everyone in your community to contribute a little bit and try to make the teachers dreams come true.

9. Personalized Coffee Mug

A retirement gift does not have to cost a fortune. With a personalized mug you can tell him that he was the greatest teacher and wish him well on his future. You could tell him to enjoy retirement and more. A personalized mug can truly make a special gift.

8. Gardening Tool Set

Teachers shape students. Now that they are retired, perhaps they will enjoy shaping plants and making them beautiful. Give them the opportunity with a gardening tool set. You can create the gift set with seeds, bulbs, shovels, gloves or anything else typically used for gardening.

7. A Diamond

Okay so maybe not a real one but you can give a female teacher a gift that is as special as she is. Diamonds are known for being rare and they are treasured, much the same as a great teacher should be. You can customize a diamond paperweight with her name, include her retirement date and add a special little note for her just to say, “Thank You.”

6. A Charm Bracelet

For a female teacher you could get them a charm bracelet that includes charms from her classroom, such as tiny pencils, a number with how many years she put into teaching, and other school related things. For the male teacher you may choose to substitute a key ring.

5. A Retirement Gift Card

Chances are you are not the only one who feels this teacher went beyond all expectations. You can ask for donations and put all the money toward a gift card and then they can indulge in whatever they want now that they are newly retired. Perhaps there will be enough money for a shopping spree or a vacation. With any luck at all, the teacher will be able to afford to do both.

4. Spa Treatment

Teaching children is a stressful job. Show the retiring teacher that you understand by giving them the gift of a massage or a weekend at a day spa. Make sure you give them a certificate not only for them but for someone they want to spend time with because no one would want to enjoy a spa all alone.

3. Photo Collage

There should be plenty of pictures of this teacher doing what they love to do. Ask around and find out who has photos they would be willing to donate to your cause. If you do not want to do photos of the teacher then try to find photos of the people that they have taught over the years or group photos of her classes throughout the years. Shape it into a heart or keep it small enough to fit into a large frame.

2. Create a Scrapbook

Every teacher has done amazing things for her classroom throughout the years. Do some research and ask around. Find out what this teacher has done. Get personalized stories about the special things she did for her students and create a scrap book to remind her of the great things she did as a teacher. It will be something she cherishes for years.

1. Personalized Newspaper

Create something like a school news paper or just a few printed newspaper articles. Have other people say special things about this wonderful teacher. You will have to ask around for information but the end result could be well worth it. You can put an ad in the local paper asking for stories or memories of this special teacher.

Great teachers are hard to find. When you find one and then discover that they are retiring soon, you should give them a gift to show they mattered. Teachers do not teach for selfish gain. It is a very difficult and trying job. Show them that you appreciate the time they spent with you with one of the top 10 retirement gift ideas for your teacher and enjoy their happiness because they will know that you noticed.

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