Top 10 Sexiest Korean Female Stars in 2019

Korean fashion, music, media and drama industries have some of the sexiest females in Korea. The gorgeous and talented ladies have attributed to the industry popularity globally. Some of these sexy females have dominated our screens for so long because we cannot afford to fail to see them gracing our TV screens. These personalities have earned their fans love, admiration, respect and adoration, not just because of their looks, but more important is their vibrant nature, energy, and talent. There is no doubt that these ladies are beautiful, and of all of them seem to be very young and innocent. Their lovely faces, black hair, fair skin tone, sweet eyes and their innocent and young looks, coupled with the fact that they are rich, makes them idols to many Asian girls. We considered most of the top sexiest women in all these industries and compiled the top 10 sexiest Korean females stars in 2019.

1. Yoon Eun Hye

This talented, beautiful and sexy Korean actress is rated to be the sexiest looking Korean star. Yoon Eun Hye was born in 1984 and has over the years become a top and reputable model and actress.That’s not all; the beautiful queen also doubles up as a singer and has been successful even in this industry. In 2006, she got her first acting role , which contributed to her brand growing immensely, after exposing her to a large viewership. She is loved for her effortless personality and unrivalled dedication during her performances.

2. Son GaIn

Son GalIn became famous courtesy the popular and loved Brown Eyed Girls band. Her journey to becoming a popular singer has not been simple, during her early days; she says she was so disappointed for failing many reality TV auditions. Luckily, she got a breakthrough when Brown Eyed Girls composer Ahn Huong Hoon invited her for auditions, where after being auditioned she succeeded, and later joined the band, where her star started shining.

3. Im Nana

Im Nana is a young, beautiful and talented makeup artist who has risen to become a popular personality in Korean makeup artist industry. Nana, who was on 14th September 1991, is also a stylish pop artist who has a bright future. She kicked off her career in 2009 and within six years of handwork, she is now reaping big. Today, Nana is an expert make up artist and a reputable member of Makeup Artist Association in Korea.

4. Kim HyoYeon

Kim HyoYeon is a beautiful and sexy Korean woman famous for in the acting industry. She started acting at very young and today is not only successful but also an idol to many girls. she is a multi-talented lady who headed for greatness. She has over the years come out as a dedicated, responsible and big-hearted actress. Courtesy of her incredible performances, her popularity has immensely grown. Just recently Star News nominated Kim as a nominee in the Top 1 Idol Dancers competition.

5. Ha Ga In

You will not believe that this sexy and incredibly talented performer was born in 1982. Ha Ga In still looks young, you may think she is a teen. She is admired for her talent, sexy body, lovely eyes and a perfect skin that is a wish for so many Asian girls. Her career has been successful and up to date has modeled for different fashions brands.

6. Song Hye Kyo

Another adored and loved performer and fashion model personality who looks so young, despite being almost 30 years is Song Hye Kyo. Song, who was born in 1981, is a sexy, hot and dazzling Korean lady. She came into limelight after her incredible performances in “Full home”, & “Autumn In My Hear” despite her successes she has remained humble and outgoing traits that make her an adorable lady.

7. Park Min Young

Park Min is another successful actresses and models in Korea. Her work has been appreciated all over Korea in the TV industry. Park Min has been a recipient of various awards, which has helped in developing her brand. She has also been lucky to be contracted to do commercials for reputable brands such as Korean Air, Lipton Ice Tea, Pizza Hut, and Lg. Park Min Young can easily be described as a combination of brains and beauty.

8. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tar Hee is talented and a pretty Korean diva in the fashion industry. Kim is a respected model and a highly sought actress, having professionally been in this career for when she was 16. He has a large adoration especially because of her beauty, and exemplary performances. Kim Tae has featured in many photo shoots featured in various online news platforms, newspapers and photo shoot magazine. These platforms have helped her develop her brand.

9. Kim Hyuna

Kim Hyuna is a top spot contender in the sexiest Korean females. She is a popular performer, dancer and a highly sought model. Kim has been a member of 4Minute group a popular Kpop girl. As a singer, this beautiful and talented lady has developed her brand and is today she is a darling in this industry. Earlier, she was earlier in Wonder Girls group, which she left nine years ago. Kim Hyuna also appeared in the Gangnam style, the most watched video on YouTube that made her even more popular.

10. Park Shin Hye

Park is a renowned South Korean dancer, singer, and actress. She is an adored, talented, successful and most beautiful Korean women of out time. Park Shin was born in 1990 and started acting at a young age. She has played different roles in “The Heirs”, and “Goong S” She is adored for both her beauty, achievements and talent.

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