Top 10 suprise birthday gifts for your girlfriend

When your girlfriend’s birthday is drawing near and you want to make sure it’s going to be a day she’ll remember as one of the best time she’s ever had, then you need to start thinking about the gift you want to buy her. The fact is that there are so many things that you could buy her that you can get confused about the right one, which is why in the next paragraphs we’re going to take a closer look at the top 10 surprise birthday gifts for your girlfriend.

1. Fragrance

If you think you know your girlfriend so well that you could buy her a perfume then you should go ahead and do that because she will definitely appreciate it a lot. However, even if you find one that you like right from the start, it’s always as good idea that you visit several stores in order to get an idea of other fragrances as well. Many girls absolutely love receiving fragrance as gifts, so if you buy her one that smells great, then she’ undoubtedly enjoy it!

2. Bath And Body Care

Regardless of your girlfriend’s age, products such as soaps, oils, lotions and body butter are simply adored by them and many girls love using them on a daily basis. When going down this route you have one certainty and that is the fact that you simply can’t go wrong with this gift. However, one thing to note is the type she already has and the various smells and scents she is accustomed to.

3. Jewelry Set

Jewelry is a type of gift that has been given for hundreds of years and the reason why girlfriends love jewelry is because they think of it as a loving gesture and quite an effort from their boyfriend’s side. Since jewelry can be worn anytime she wants, your girlfriend will always be reminded of the moment you offered it to her and be happy because of it. Some examples of jewelry you can buy her include bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces.

4. Gift Basket

There are cases when you know your girlfriend would like to receive different kinds of things and if your budget allows it, then get them and put them together in a hamper or a gift basket. You can choose to fill it with anything you want, such as body lotions, flowers, jewelry, make up, candles, chocolate and then put them all together for a big birthday surprise she’ll never forget.

5. Spa Day

Every woman out there loves feeling like a princess and pampering herself and that is why you should consider offering her a spa day. This is especially going to be a great gift if your girlfriend is always busy and doesn’t have too much time for herself.

6 Picture Frame

It is said that pictures say more than a thousand words and when you offer your girlfriend a picture frame as a gift, you’ll show that you really put some time into thinking of a thoughtful gift. It’s recommended you place a nice photo of her or the two of you in the frame, so she has something to remember when you are not together.

7. Gift Card

While most women love receiving gifts, there are also some that would love to receive a gift card, meaning that they get exactly what they want with it. This is an ideal gift if you don’t know your girlfriend too well and wouldn’t want to risk getting her something she won’t truly like.

8. Scrapbook

Currently a scrapbook is one of the most effective and thoughtful gifts you can offer and this is especially true if your girlfriend loves documenting special events in her life. Because of that, you can bet she’ll be very excited if you make her a scrapbook that’s filled with some of the best moments and pictures that have happened in her life.

9. Birthday Meal

Taking your girlfriend out for a birthday meal or cooking will allow you both to spend some quality time together and enjoying each other’s company. Having a delicious dinner in a wonderful environment is sure to make for a special evening.

10. Holiday Away

If you want to and can afford it, taking a vacation together is the perfect gift for her birthday, since the memories the 2 of you will create are going to last forever. Eventually you can be sure that she’ll be really thankful for your thoughtfulness.

As you can see, these are the top 10 surprise birthday gifts for your girlfriend and considering any of them will certainly make your girlfriend very happy. Enjoy the time spent together with her!

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