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Top 20 Best Brooms in 2019 Reviews

Brooms are one of the essential equipment in any inhabitable house. They make work easier by removing dust and other bigger dirt particles. Their construction ensures they are lightweight and durable. Most of the broom uses a combination of material in their construction. Some are made of natural material and others from plastic. However, the primary purpose of a broom is to enhance proper cleaning. On the other hand, the comfort of the user is taken care by incorporating a firm grip handle.

Now, since these equipments are necessary, finding the best is the desire for everyone. When choosing for an ideal broom, check one with soft bristles to avoid damaging your floor. In this article, we have researched the top 20 best broom in 2019 reviews. We hope you will get the best of best.

20. OXO Good Grips Any-Angle Broom

  • Brand: OXO

This broom is very versatile, the handle as adjustable depending on required angle. So, you can clean any surface, whether under the fridge or cabinets. It produces a clicking sound upon when you change the angle. The aluminum construction gives it a lightweight. Also, it is ergonomic for a firm and comfortable grip. Bristles are angled to enhance cleaning of corners. Further, they are feathered to ensure complete dust removal. The pole measures 52.5 inches.

19. Quickie Bulldozer Rough Surface Upright Broom

  • Brand: Quickie

If you want to keep your compound clean, this rough surfaces broom will let you do it with ease. The bristles are tough to enable sweeping rocks and other large particles. It will withstand pushing due to its powdered steel bar. The head is broad to ensure it cleans a larger area. The tapered design gives it required strength to withstand high pressure. The broom is light and durable and is usable a in a range of cleaning activities.

18. Harper Brush 10804A 12’’ Indoor Upright Broom

  • Brand: Harper Brush

You can trust Harper product for their sturdy construction and durability. The Harper Brush 12’’ inches broom is ideal for heavy duty cleaning. The sturdy bristles allow it to be used in kitchens, offices, and bathrooms. They are long to ensure thorough cleaning without much effort. The handle is placed on a 90 degrees hole; it is 42’’ length, thus eliminating the need to bend when working. The heads are made of hardwood and enhanced with 4 inches split up plastic fibers. You will always enjoy cleaning with this broom

17. O-Cedar Heavy Duty 100% Corn Broom

  • Brand: O-Cedar

O-Cedar corn broom brush is a highly crafted broom to give your home a fine touch. It is designed for use in both indoors and outdoors. The bristles are 100% made from natural broom corn. Thus deposing is easy as they are biodegradable. Its strength makes perfect for cleaning pavement, garage, and sidewalks. You can trust its durability from being hand-woven. Additionally, the five rows polytwine enhances more strength. It’s ideal for both household and commercial applications.

16. Quickie Professional Wire Wound Corn Whisk Broom

  • Brand: None

If you want to enjoy a high-quality corn fiber broom, get this Quickie Professional Wire Wound Corn Whisk Broom. The sweeping bristles are from high-quality corn broom for a thorough cleaning. It has wire wound which improves its strength. Also, a metal hang –up ensures easy storage. The fibers are held together by two rows reinforced nylon. The broom has a wide sweep width of 7.25 inches. This broom is one of the corn broom made you can ever trust.

15. UNISAN Lobby/Toy Broom- Corn Fiber Bristles

  • Brand: UNISAN

UNISAN Lobby/Toy Broom comes in either red or yellow colors. It’s a beautiful and durable broom to own. The double row stitching gives enough strengthen to withstand pressure as you sweep for ultimate cleaning. The 100% corn fiber construction ensures environmental safety. Therefore, it’s easy to dispose of, unlike the plastic ones. It gives an outstanding cleanliness through hair-like follicles that trap dust when sweeping. The sturdy handle ensures firm grip as you work.

14. O-Cedar Dual-Action Angler Broom

  • Brand: O-Cedar

When it comes to innovation on house cleaning equipment, O-Cedar is among the top. Now, introducing this innovative dual action angler broom, that performs all sweeping need in the room. It has foam in the middle to trap all dust particles. It ensures no dust escaping to the air, hence causing breathing problem to the sweeper. The bristles are soft to give a gentle floor a gentle approach preventing scratches. Further, they are angled to allow easy cleaning around the corners. The handle is long, 10.5 inches and wide sweep width of 53.5 inches. The broom is made from recycled materials.

13. Black & Decker 261019 Angle Broom


This angled broom from Black&Decker comes to make your house remain clean. Its construction enables you to love the cleaning job. The handle has foam materials cover for a firm and soft grips. The fibers are made with a twisting capacity to enhance sweeping around the corners. They aren’t rigid and when sweeping, the splits apart improving efficient removal or bigger particles and dust. The head features a brace design to increase strength thus no twisting. The pole is steel made thus secure, and its 11 inches, therefore the user can’t bend when sweeping.

12. O-Cedar Power Corner Large Angle Broom

  • Brand: O-Cedar

If you want to enjoy when cleaning your house or outdoors, then use O-Cedar Power Corner Large Angle Broom. Clean all places including corners without a need of specialized brooms. This one has an angled design to clean unreachable places effectively. You don’t need a mop after sweeping; this broom has Flare-TipTM Technology at the end of bristles to trap all dust. It has bumpguards at the edges to prevent furniture from damage. The broom is environmentally friendly being made from recycled plastic. The bristles are 80 recycled materials while the block is 50%. Clean all places with ease and efficiency.

11. Superior Performance Silicone Push Broom

  • Brand: Superior Performance

Do you want a sleek looking broom that won’t give a headache when sweeping? Then, you got Superior Performance Silicone Push Broom. It features a modern look and has excellent features. Unlike others brooms, this has silicone bristles suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning. You can use it to clean carpet, wood floor, and tiles without causing scratches. It’s durable, with sturdy bristles that never lose shape. It has built-in squeegee edges. The pole height is 13 inches.

10. Rubbermaid Commercial Corn Fiber Whisk Broom -Yellow

  • Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

If you are experiencing heavy debris on your compound, it’s time to kick them out with this broom. It can sweep heavy material due to its sturdy bristles. It features corn fibers and has a short handle unlike others to increases its strength. The double stitched rows give the broom its durability capacity. It’s usable in outdoors and indoors such as sidewalks, driveways, and other places. This is possible due to standard commercial construction. Unlike the typical brooms, this has a short handle with a hanging metal ring at the top to enable easy storage through hanging.

9. O-Cedar Outdoor Power Angler Angle Broom

  • Brand: O-Cedar

This broom is designed for outdoors use. Thus, it has strong bristles capable of cleaning heavy debris and mud. You can use it comfortably to clean pavements, sidewalks, garage, and decks. The bristles are angled to ensure efficient cleaning of curved surfaces. The pole is steel made with memory foam grip for a firm and comfortable grip. The extra-long pole ensures no excessive bedding as you sweep. The broom feature eco-friendly construction material, head, and bristles are made from recycled material.

8. OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

  • Brand:  OXO

The OXO set comes with a dustpan and extendable broom. The broom is capable of attaining full size, thus can be used for sweeping various areas. Also, the quick twist ability makes it ideal for any task in the home. The head is large and durable for efficiency while sweeping. When coupled with the dust pan you can it eases the task. Upon extension, the broom is ideal for heavy duty outdoors sweeping. Its light weight is due to aluminum pole and measures 38.5 inches. Cleaning the broom is easy through combing with dust pan teeth. Storage is efficient through the snap closing of broom in the dustpan.

7. Casabella Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set

  • Brand: Casabella

With Casabella Quick ‘N Easy Upright Sweep Set you will be happy always when cleaning your house. Both broom and dustpans are detachable from their poles, this turning it into a whisk broom. The broom features a long pole with ergonomic grip. There is no bedding when using this equipment, the dustpan has a handle and this you can work while standing. When storing the broom and dustpan, the poles are detached to make storage easy. The broom pole measures 50 inches.

6. Libman Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan

  • Brand: LIBMAN CO

This Libman Precision Angle Broom is ideal for cleaning your house. It comes with a dustpan for efficiency in cleaning. It has an amazing sweep length of 10 inches thus cleaning is faster. The bristles are designed to reach the inaccessible areas like the corners and below the cabinets. Fibers feature outstanding engineering that enhances picking of dust particles. When you finish with the broom, dustpan has teeth that assist in cleaning it. The broom is ideal for indoors and outdoors use, with construction from recycled materials. 62.9 inches poles ensure working while standing.

5. O-Cedar Professional 24-inches Multi-Surface Push Broom

  • Brand: O-Cedar

O-Cedar Professional multi-surface push broom solves all your outdoor cleaning requirements. It features great engineering, whereby, a mixture of fine and strong bristles ensure complete cleaning. The soft ones push the dust while strong are for larger particles. Detaching the head is simple, and features anti-rotation socket and Maxi-lock tech. It is suitable for cleaning garages, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas. The materials used in its construction are 80% recycled. Its pole measures 57.5 inches.

4. Camco 43623 Adjustable Broom and Dustpan

  • Brand: Camco

If you want to experience the real sweeping excitement, just buy Camco Adjustable Broom and Dustpan. This is not like any other broom. It has a unique design. You can adjust it to different angles. The pole is telescopic and can adjust from 24-54 inches to enhance cleaning without bedding. On the other hand folding ensures easy storage. The dustpan clips on the broom, further enhancing storage.

3. Weiler Corn Fiber Heavy-Duty Broom

  • Brand: Weiler

This durable hand broom is made for use at the household or commercial level. It is crafted using broom corn fibers. It is ideal for sweeping roughs surfaces as well for cleaning indoors. The handle is long 56inches to ensure no bending as you sweep. The fibers are durable as feature hairy bristles for efficient dust removal. The wire branding gives it extra strength for heavy–duty works. The handle is a bit long 54 inches to prevent bending of the sweeper.

2. O’CEDAR BRANDS Angle Broom/Dust Pan

  • Brand: O’Cedar Brands

You can sweep you house with ease using this O’CEDAR BRANDS Angle Broom with Dust Pan. It is very efficient as it has 12 inches sweep width. Bristles are firm to remove dirt efficiently, whether big or small. It’s useful in removing dirt particles in the tile grout lines. Further, the angled design makes it perfect for cleaning around the corner lines, under the tables and cabinets. It’s ideal for a broad range of floors as it doesn’t cause damages like scratches.

1. Evriholder FURemover Broom

  • Brand: Evriholder

If you want to experience uniqueness, try this Evriholder FURemover Broom. It has outstanding construction enabling it to be usable in a wide range of application. Its bristles are super soft having been made from natural rubber. Unlike other brooms which encounter problems to remove hair, this one removes lint, hair, and dust. The broom is suitable for cleaning cars and boats. The in- built squeegee, is ideal for cleaning hard floors. The handle is telescopic, and can adjust up to 36.9 inches. This broom is constructed to be durable.

Brooms are essential in maintaining cleanness. As we have seen on the list above, they have different designs and materials. It’s wise to select the one that won’t cause stress when sweeping. After all, no one wants to look back after cleaning, only to find scratched floor. With these reviews, it’s easy now to shop the best broom to suit your needs.

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