Top 5 Best 64GB Micro SD Memory Cards for GoPro in 2019 Reviews

Memory cards are vital requirements for any storage device whether it is a phone, camcorder, tablet, or a camera. Without it, your actions may not be saved since every saving requires space that is made possible by the sd card.
For your GoPro camera to function normally and effectively, you need to have a sd card that is suitable for your camera purposes. In this case, whether you are going to shoot movies, to take photos for your wedding anniversary or honeymoon, it requires that you identify with the best GoPro sd card that will not come to disappoint you on the process.
Now you are going out with your GoPro camera. That is not an issue since you will enjoy every instance of your picnic with this spectacular camera. However, you need to make the best of it by utilizing the capacity and the power of your lovely camera with the GoPro sd card that is the best for your activities.

Buying guide:

Coming to the point, the 64GB gopro sd card is proven to be effective and efficient since you will not run out of space for your videos or photos. However, this is not a one fact to go with this capacity. Of course, you will need to get the best of it that will perform your work faster without causing disappointments. Therefore, in this article, you will find the top chosen products from different brands that are the best on the market and chosen to make your buying easier than you can imagine. Before that, let us now delve on some of the other factors that you need to consider before making your final decision:


You do not just go to the market and grab anything in the name of an sd card. However, you will need to identify something that is compatible with your GoPro camera. Not all the sd cards have the same design, and therefore, you should first know which brands ate the best for your camera so as to find a suitable fit.


For this case, a capacity that will not disappoint you in the process of recording your videos or taking photos is the 64GB space. However, in some cases, you may need more or little space. In real terms, this standard size is best suitable for the gopro camera. With the 64GB and highly efficient sd card, you will surely enjoy your shooting experience since nothing is there to let you down.


The speed is also another important consideration to make since you do not want to make your progress slowly. In this case, you will need to have a perfect sd card that is faster enough to allow you move faster with your work. If you get the best and faster GoPro sd card, then rest assured that your work will be easier and efficient.


However much we are looking at the other factors, the price is also a factor to put into consideration. However, when doing that, you should have in your mind that sometimes cheaply becomes expensive. Therefore, your focus should not be on getting the cheapest but rather on the best and valuable product. Therefore, when you compare the best brands that will be listed here, you will find that they come with different prices and therefore, you can choose the best based on your budget.

5. Kingston Digital 64GB Memory Card

This Kingston brand comes with kings’ features that make it suitable for GoPro shooting experience. With the fast performance or the high-speed ability of the sd card, there is always a consistent and continuous shooting that cannot be interrupted with the slow operation or performance. The speed goes up to a maximum of 90MB/s and therefore is the best GoPro SD choice. As if this is not enough, the sd card itself is waterproof and thus can resist the damage that may otherwise have been caused by water contact.
When we were dealing with the consideration factors, we mentioned the fact to do with compatibility and perhaps it is a matter of concern for this type. Surely, this sd card for GoPro as having mentioned is compatible with the gopro camera, and that eliminates the worry of compatibility.

4. Sony 64GB High-Speed SD Card

Sony is not a strange name as we have heard it with the other electronic products before. It is a franchised brand that has been trusted on the market since the products that come from the same brand are of high quality. This GoPro sd card has an ultra-speed capacity of up to 95MB/s and therefore is the best for GoPro activities. Go with it and experience the best that it has to offer for you. With this type, at no time will you complain about the speed.
The other suitable features that make it the best sd card for the gopro camera is the compatibility and the waterproof ability. It is the best for high definition video shooting, and you can choose to have the best time while using it.

3. Lexar Professional 64GB Micro SD Card

What inspires users most is the speed and the performance of this spectacular sd card. By choosing this product, you will have made a perfect choice that will make you enjoy your experience with your GoPro camera. Up to a speed of 9x faster than the other traditional camera USB cables have been achieved by this awesome sd card.
When it comes to transferring your content videos and photos, expect a speed of up to 270MB/s. If this should be your choice, then you will be sure of a reliable and efficient GoPro sd card that will never come to disappoint.

2. SanDisk Extreme 64GB Pro SD Card

SanDisk sd cards are all on the market if you do not have it in your drawer. Why is it that everyone is talking about the same product? Indeed, the talks and praises that you hear on the market are valid and worth this invaluable brand. The write speed for this product is what boosts its demand on the market. Perhaps you may think it is the name that sells but for sure, this sd card is the best for your shooting experience.
If there is no reason why you should buy this product, then you better settle for it since you will never regret the performance and the speed leaves alone the reliability and space. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for everyone who needs a valuable GoPro sd card.

1. Samsung PRO 64GB Memory Card

If you need the best of the best sd cards for recording, transferring, or shooting videos, or for taking quality photos with your GoPro camera, then this is the right brand. Who has never heard of Samsung? Of course, you know it, and it is the best and prestigious brands around that you can have as an asset for your valuable camera.
What you need is the great performance, space, compatibility, and speed. Yes, all these features have been met by this unique product. With a read and write speeds of 95MB/s and 90MB/s respectively, there is a great hope that this is a super feature that will make you enjoy every bit of your shooting or transfer activities. Also, the adaptor that comes with it is the best and can be used for multiple purposes.
In conclusion, you have seen the list, and therefore, you can make the right choice from it without having to consult with anybody. From number five to number one, you will not miss finding your perfect match for your GoPro camera.

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  1. If you want the best experience with your GoPro camera, use it with the best SD card. Many GoPro camera users fail to get the best results for lacking a compatible SD card in their camera. Unlike what many people do, shopping for an SD card is no just looking at the memory; that is the just the face value. There are many considerations, which you should factor in when shopping for one. Due diligence when shopping for a GoPro camera makes it possible for you to get an SD card that will match the speed of the camera. The SD market is already crowded; each day there are new entrants. This situation is like a double-edged sword, despite having a variety to choose from, choosing the best amongst the options, can be a headache for any buyer. To make it easier for shoppers, we filtered most of what is on sale and compiled the top 5 best 64 GB micro SD memory cards for GoPro in 2017 reviews

    Kingston Digital 64 GB micro SD Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card 30MB/s with Adapter (SDCX10/64GB)

    When you buy this SD card, the manufacturer gives you lifetime warranty; this is a strong statement of the products quality and performance. This SD can be used in smartphones, tablets and cameras, without distorting the quality of the photos and videos. The SD speed is compatible with GoPro cameras speed hence when you want HD recording it will never disappoint. The 64 GB space is large enough to store hours of shooting work without the struggle of transferring. When you want to transfer the SD content to another device, the sharing speed is unmatched.

    SanDisk Extreme 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card with Adapter (SDSQXNE-064G-GN6MA)

    This micro SD card is designed for the latest smartphones, tablets and MIL and action cameras. It will cope up with the speed of GoPro Hero, Hero 3+, Hero4, and Hero LCD. It comes with a construction that can withstand any harsh condition, as it is temperature proof, shockproof, X-ray proof, and waterproof. With this SD card, you can shoot continuously on burst mode without distorting the quality of the video or photos. Other features that make this SD card stand out from the rest is the Full HD and 4k high definition video and a transfer speed of up to 90mb/s. In case you lose your SD card content, you can use the deluxe data recovery software, which helps you recover any lost data.

    Professional Ultra SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC for GoPro Hero 4

    Eliminate all your worries when using a GoPro camera by getting this SD card. SanDisk made this SD disk for GoPro Hero4 camera so that it can cope with the camera video and photo quality and the shooting speed. With this SD card in your camera, you won’t be worried of distortion when you are shooting at high speed or in the case of a lengthy shooting. The 64 GB space provides you with enough space to store hours of shooting or photographing. Additionally, you can use it on premium smartphones as well as in printers when you want to print photos.

    Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x 64GB UHS-I

    Lexar engineered this SD card to be used in sports camcorders, smartphones, and tablets. Because of the high quality, GoPro recommends this SD to be used with Hero 3+ and Hero 3 for maximum performance. This SD card has the ability to capture quickly, play back and transfer files effortlessly. It also allows transferring of 1080p full HD and 4K videos, without any distortion. The 64 GB storage allows you to store shooting work of up to 15 hours without the need to transfer the files. So when you are looking for an SD card that guarantees you reliability, compatibility, quality, and performance, here is our recommendation.

    64GB Micro SD Card Plus Adapter, 80MB/s 533X UHS-1 MicroSD SDXC Pack

    Get this new release from Amplin and take your photo and video storage to the next level. This micro SD has a speed of 80mb/s making it usable with premium smartphones, laptops, tablets, drones, mobile PCs, Mp3 players and Digital DSLR cameras. The 64GB storage allows you to shoot video and take photos without the need to clear extra storage for hours. It has the capability to cope with the high speed in GoPro cameras so your images and videos quality won’t be compromised. It works well with GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3 and Session. Additionally, you can use it for mobile gaming; music drives, and in other active sports HD cameras for high-resolution photos.

    Ensure you are getting the best from your GoPro camera, by only using an SD card that matches the speed of the camera. By doing this, you will achieve incredible shooting without compromising the quality of the videos or photos. Pick one from the 5 above and enjoy your GoPro shootings!

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