Top All Best Car Window Sun Shade in 2019 Reviews

Taking a ride with your family or friends in an automotive is something many enjoy. It gives you an opportunity to view nature’s greatness while relaxing on the comfortable seats. At the same time, driving is also an occupation and a necessity to many; we need to drive or be driven to work every day.

Be that as it may, driving or owning an automotive comes with some challenges. Among them is the harsh and glaring heat and UV rays that penetrate deep into our bodies. To add on being uncomfortable, This heat and UV rays can be extremely dangerous to everyone regardless of age.

Fortunately, to your rescue, are window car sun shades. These products are designed as an efficient solution to the life-threatening UV rays and heat at all times. They work by shading the automotive’s interior thus protecting it and you from extreme heat.

On the other hand, manufacturers are seen to have taken advantage of this situation and have flooded the market with different brands of this product. This makes it almost impossible to identify the perfect and quality window sun shade for your vehicle. So, have you been searching for the perfect window sun shade for your car without success? You need not worry.

We have gone a step further to analyze the different brands available in the market, to finally bring you the top ten best window sun shades in 2019 reviews as presented below.


This product comes as a pair and each is designed to reflect up to 99% of the harmful UV rays. It arrives in a lightweight making it easy to fold and store. Also, these sunshades are larger as compared with other brands in the market. They have a size of about 20* 13 inches making them cover a large area.

These shades are made with a double layer mesh to offer more protection. They are quickly hooked to the window using clings. They are mostly useful when the temperature rises to 45 degrees F and above.


Are you looking for unique window sun shades? Then this is the ideal product for you. This product comes in a unique design that makes it lightweight and therefore easy to put on and off when you need to close or open the window. It comes with 30+ UPF ensuring maximum protection from the UV rays thus very suitable for young children. It arrives in a convenient size of 19*12 inches. It is fitted with compact frames that are difficult to break whenever you are using it. However, some customers say that the shades fall off with temperatures above 80 degrees F.


This product comes as a pair. Each shade is fitted with sturdy frames that ensure it does not break when in use. The shades feature a reinforced and heavy-duty wire frame, a double layer of mesh and a PVC material altogether. It is made to be 30+ UPF UV rays protection therefore very useful in protecting your skin from these Rays. The shades are 19* 12 inches in size, large enough to cover a full surface thus suitable for large vehicles.

They are easily installed and feature four suction cups to ensure they don’t fall. A good pouch is also provided for storage. They come with a lifetime warranty as a guarantee of quality.


This product comes as a pair. They are made to be 25+ UPF ensuring maximum protection from harmful UV rays. The shades are developed with an unusual cling design that ensures they are easy to take off or install. They are ideal for the back windows. They are thick enough to block away sun rays and the brutal heat. They come in 17* 14 inches in size thus ensuring large surface coverage. They also feature suction pumps that ensure safe installation from falling and breaking. They also have sturdy, and compact frames.


This product is designed by sunny and starlight. It is reasonably priced as compared to other brands in the market. They come with a compact and simple design. They are suitable for pets and young children. Suction cups are provided for smooth and firm installation. It features SPF 30 and is lightweight for effortless installation and portability. It is thick enough and also allows you to view the outside clearly.

It is 17*14 inches in size which is not suitable for vehicles with large windows. It is advisable to pour a cup of warm water on the window before installing them to ensure they do not come down quickly.


This product comes as a pair. The shades are easy to install. They weigh around 16 ounces and do not need suction cups to install. They are designed to be resistant thus durable. They are also lightweight for an effortless installation. They are very flexible and are ideal for a variety of car windows. They block away up to 97% of UV rays ensuring that you are well protected.

They are easily folded thus a small space is required to store them.


This product comes as a pair. The shades are designed to protect you from serious heat and the UV rays. It comes with resistant suction cups which remain attached even at extreme temperatures. This product is designed from thick mesh material and come with sturdy and compact frames. The product comes with a lifetime money back guarantee from the manufacturer. Isn’t that great?

The product is easy to install, light and durable.


This product comes as a pair. It is made to be 30+ UPF that ensures maximum protection from the sun. The shades are easily installed using a cling. The shades are a bit small as they have a size of about 6*4.6 inches but are very suitable for vehicles with small windows. The manufacturer provides a carrying pouch, and the shades are easily folded for convenient and easy storage.

A lifetime warranty is provided as a proof of quality but limited.


This product also comes as a pair. The shades come with a transparent design that ensures excellent visibility. The manufacturer includes suction pumps for easy and safe installation. They have a size of about 17*14 inches making them ideal for a wide variety of vehicles. However, they do not cover the windows entirely.

The suction cups need to be dipped in warm water just before the installation, and the car windows should be thoroughly cleaned. A lifetime replacement is provided in the case of failing to fit or non-effective. The product is also reasonably priced.


Finally at number one is this product of Jomolly. These shades are designed to be interesting. They have a simple and funny design that is suitable for young children who enjoy playing in the back seat of the car.

The shades make it difficult to see outside, but the cartoons on them keep the kids busy as they watch them. This product provides ample protection from UV rays. The shades are easily installed by use of the suction cups. The product comes with a three-month warranty as a guarantee of quality. A free carrying bag is also provided which makes carrying and storing the shades easier.

In conclusion,

All the above car window sunshade brands are very efficient in protecting you from sun rays and excessive heat. Always be careful to check the products compatibility with your car as some can’t be returned. Ensure the brand you choose is good enough to protect you entirely from harmful UV rays of the sun.

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