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Top 10 Best Insoles For Flat Feet in 2019 Reviews

Your feet deserve the best comfort, stability, and care. If you have flat feet and you are looking for the best insoles for your type, then you are at the right point. Just don’t hesitate to go through the list with the top 10 best insoles for flat feet in 2019 reviews as compiled for you in this excellent article. Eventually, I am sure that you will land on your best option. The list comes with products that include:

10. Superfeet Full Length Green Insole

 Superfeet Full Length Green Insole

  • By: Superfeet

This is a human made sole that come with synthetic material and the best quality design. The sole comes with a deep heel cup, and with that, you will enjoy the maximum support that you need. The heel cup also serves to ensure that the soft tissue of your foot gets positioned with the sole to ensure shock absorption and hence making them comfortable for your foot. Of course, the quality and value are just impressive, and still, the product is affordable.

The biomechanical shape also gives the product its excellent design suitable for the foot. In addition to that, the insole comes with the odor-control coating making the product to eliminate all the odor-coating bacteria and hence the health of the foot. What we can also mention is the closed-cell foam that supports and cushions your foot for the long-lasting and durable support. The other feature that you can find with this best insole is the stability cap, and all serve stability purpose. The insole is the best for common foot pain, heel pain, arch pain and more.

9. Feetmat Orthotics Shoe Inserts

Feetmat Orthotics Shoe Inserts

  • By: Feetmat

This is one of the best insoles for flat feet that is available on the market with great price. Of course, you do not need to spend a lot to enjoy the comfort and stability since this product is easily affordable and you can find it with the best price on the market. Just by looking at the design, you will surely know that this is the best insole for flat feet and hence the best for your needs if you are looking for the same type of insoles.

When it comes to mentioning of the compatibility of this insole with the footwear, we can say that it fits most. The insole is the best for flat feet and hence for protecting and preventing against pains and things like plantar fasciitis, common arch pain, and heel pain among another kind of conditions that otherwise could result without this great insole. The features that we can mention or highlight about this product include the structured heel cup and the trimming capacity that makes it easily fit into different footwear types.

8. Dr. Foot Orthotics Shoe Insoles

Dr. Foot Orthotics Shoe Insoles

  • By: Dr.Foot

Perhaps you are looking for the best insoles for flat shoes, and you got no idea on how to go about the same process. Here, you are lucky to find this item or product in this guide. These insoles are the best in quality and suitable for every footwear and people with flat feet. The design of the insoles is to give you the best comfort when walking and to help in preventing arch pains and any other condition that may result. Therefore, these are the best insoles for flat feet that are available with the best price.

Dr. Foot is a brand that you cannot just compare with the others that are on the market when it comes to quality, comfort, and stability that it offers. If you are suffering from any foot ailment and you need something that would cushion your feet, then you ought to get these insoles. When it comes to mentioning on the features, the qualities, and the value, this product is surely the best and come from comfortable, absorbent velvet fabric and also features the dual-layer cushioning hence providing the user with great comfort.

7. Hydrofeet Dynamic Orthotic Insoles

Hydrofeet Dynamic Orthotic Insoles

  • By: Hydrofeet

These insoles are the best and if you are looking for the best insoles for flat feet, then perhaps these could make the best of your choice. The insoles are the best for sore, tired feet, and the other medical conditions, and hence you will always find them the best for your feet if you have a flat type. When it comes to comfort, this is the home of it, and I can assure you about the same fact. Indeed, the insoles are compatible with both standing, walking, and running shoes among other types.

One of the considerations that we will mention as important while doing your search is the anti-microbial features since this shields your feet against odor-causing bacteria that would also damage your feet. With these insoles, you have the best cushioning against such ailments and bacteria infestation of your feet. Here, the sole is treated with the mildew resistant gel that ensures that your feet are always protected from the same bacteria. In addition to that, the insole can be trimmed and hence can fit any footwear type.

6. Smartsole Exercise Flat Feet Insoles

Smartsole Exercise Flat Feet Insoles

  • By: SmartSole

These insoles are just what you need if you want the best cushioning against feet ailments. Here, you can have them for your protection against plantar fasciitis and other feet pains that perhaps could be dangerous if not with the same product. With the perfect best design that comes with the same insoles, you can have them for exercising smartly, reducing the impact of your feet with the shoe, absorbing shock, and for your general comfort. Therefore, these are the best insoles for flat feet, and you need them for yours too.

When it comes to the functionality and the features at play, the insoles come with the capacity to reduce fatigue, prevent injuries, and to enhance performance, especially during the sports. The other quality of the same insoles is that you will find it comfortable for your stability and for your feet protection from the ailments that we have mentioned. In addition to that, the insoles come with a great price, and you can easily afford.

5. WinnBase Orthotic Flat Feet Insoles

WinnBase Orthotic Flat Feet Insoles


This brand is the best, and you can see it with the type of reviews and how the product has been rated on the market. Of course, the ratings are just impressive and shows that the product is the best for its work. The insoles come with the capacity to provide the user with the full arch support and hence is the best product that you need if you are looking for the best insoles for flat feet. The best side of the story is that the insoles come with a great and excellent price that makes it affordable for everyone.

When it comes to the quality of the material and the design, I can say this insole is the best. The design uses the EVA quality and lightweight materials making the product flexible, comfortable, and durable. Therefore, from the same material, you have so many things to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your feet. The other thing that we ought to mention and to do with the compatibility of the insole is that it fits most of the footwear and hence making the product one of the best on the market.

4. NAZAROO Orthotics for Flat Feet

NAZAROO Orthotics for Flat Feet


If you are looking for the best insoles for flat feet, for fighting and relieving plantar fasciitis and pain respectively, then you should consider this great type that perhaps is the best for your feet. The product comes with great features making it fit any feet. The insoles are the best for both men and women and hence can be a perfect idea for your needs. The premium quality materials make the product work well and to last longer than you could expect.

The comfort and stability that you get with the same insoles is something that adds value to them. Indeed, the product comes with the capacity to distribute pressure and to hence getting your feet into a comfortable balance where you will not feel any pain. The insoles are the best, and you can use them for sports shoes, for walking, and running among other footwear types. In this case, the insoles fit most of the footwear types and hence are the best for their work.

3. Samurai Instant-relief Flat Feet Insoles

Samurai Instant-relief Flat Feet Insoles

  • By: Samurai Insoles

For guaranteed relief from foot ailments and pain, get yourself one of these insoles that come with value and best design. The insoles come with the ability to shield you from pain and plantar fasciitis and hence giving you the comfort and protection, support, and stability that you need for your flat feet. Therefore, if you are struggling to find ways of ending foot aches and fallen arches among other feet condition, then the good news is that the same insoles could be of great support for your feet.

Focusing on the features that come with the product, this type is the best insole that you will need and come with the best design making it fit for every footwear. The insole comes with biochemically and engineered a design that makes the product flexible and soft for your feet comfort. With the spring molded inner core, you will find them suitable for all the places. In addition to that, you can cut to trim the insoles depending on your shoe type so as to fit well and give you the comfort that you need.

2. NAZAROO Flat Feet Insoles

NAZAROO Flat Feet Insoles


This product comes with the medical grade design that makes it the best for pain relief and planar fasciitis prevention. Therefore, if you need the best insoles for your flat feet and wondering what could make your best choice, then you need to check this option since it comes to amazing features. Of course, the design is the best for comfort and stability of your feet. The insoles are the best for preventing foot pain, ankle pain, heel pain, and overpronation among other feet conditions.

When it comes to the compatibility, I can say that the product fit most footwear and for both men and women. Therefore, if you need the best footwear insole for your shoes, then you can go with this beautiful option. The high-tech composite materials of the same product also help in keeping your feet cool since it sucks all the moisture and sweat that are produced by your feet. Therefore, this is not only for your comfort but is also the best insole for luxury purposes.

1. Powerstep Orthotics Shoe Insole

Powerstep Orthotics Shoe Insole

  • By: Powerstep

This synthetic sole comes with quality and the best features to ensure that you have the best stability, comfort, and protection for your feet. When it comes to the design or the type of the materials that make the product, you will agree that these insoles are meant to last. The encapsulated design that makes the insole and the semi-rigid shell gives the insole the flexibility that you need for your footwear. These features are known to prevent feet pain, overpronation, and plantar fasciitis among other ailments.

Coming to the other details that should be your topmost concern, the insole fits most shoe types and hence is the best for both women and men, for running, walking, and any other activity. The double layer foam cushioning provides you with the comfort and shock absorption. In addition to that, the same cushioning brings a cooling effect by absorbing the sweat. Therefore, if you are looking for the most comfortable insoles for your flat feet, then you should not hesitate to get yourself this excellent option.

Insoles for flat feet buying advice

Due to the great variety of insoles on the market, it is important to know your needs so that you can align them with the best products that are available. Here, when looking for the best insole for your flat feet, you need to know your needs so that you can match them with the best insole available in your budget. To help you negotiate that, of course, you need to check on every feature that come with the same product and the following factors will guide your search for the same:

  • Footwear compatibility
  • Comfort and stability
  • Anti-microbial features
  • Flexibility of the insole
  • Cost of the insole

Footwear compatibility

There are different sizes of insoles available on the market and your search should be based on getting the type that is compatible with your footwear or shoes. Whether you want the best insole for running, walking, or any other kind of a shoe, you have a variety but this factor should guide your search so that you can get the best insole that will fit your shoe type and gender. In addition to that, you will find some of the insoles with trimming abilities but you need to check to ensure you have that if that is what you want.

Comfort and stability

Of course, the reason why you need the insoles are for comfort and stability, and that is the main reason behind every design. However, you will find different insoles featuring different features and cushioning. Therefore, you should look for the best product with the right cushioning. Getting that right will ensure that you enjoy your comfort without any hassle. Cushioning also helps in bringing the cooling effect by absorbing sweat, and that should also be your consideration.

Anti-microbial features

The anti-microbial features is another consideration that you need to ensure that your feet remain free from microbial infections that could cause a bad smell. Therefore, you should ensure that the insole that you pick on the market come with the capacity to resist bacteria to give you the best time to enjoy the comfort that comes with your insoles. The feature will also help in fighting plantar fasciitis and other ailments that are caused by the bacteria.

Flexibility of the insole

Another thing that you would need to check when selecting your best insole on the market is the flexibility that comes with the product. The flexibility is something that will give your feet the comfort that you need for walking, running, and for other activities. This feature is, therefore, a must check that you cannot avoid if you want to enjoy the comfort of your insoles.

Cost of the insole

The other thing that perhaps should come last as a consideration is the price of the insole. Here, you should note that the products that you can see on the market and this list come with the different prices and hence is important to pick the best product that you can easily afford. Therefore, you should always check the price as the last consideration.


In conclusion, if you can take every factor right, then eventually, you will land to the best insole that will suit your flat feet. Not all the insoles will be suitable for your needs, and that is the reason why you have this full list, and it would be necessary for your comparison and choice.

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  1. Great list, I once bought WinnBase Orthotic Flat Feet Insoles for my Son. He had problem with his arch and it really helped him

  2. I bought 2 pairs of Samurai for my flat foot and they have really helped me go a long way. I’m extremely happy with the product.

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