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Top 10 Best Remote Control Boats in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking forward to improving your child’s creativity? Then you are at the right site. RC boats are the perfect gift for your kid. They are not only ideal for gaming but also play a significant role in improving your child’s knowledge and creativity. These remote control boats are a perfect outdoor game that is very crucial in building friendship and family bonds.

Be that as it may, today’s market is flooded with different brands of RC boats. Choosing the right type for your child is becoming hectic every passing day. Per se, we have gone a step further to bring you comprehensive reviews on the top ten quality brands on the market this year; 2019. This is aimed at preventing you from purchasing a low-grade item.

Below are the results of an in-depth research carried out on the top rated quality brands of RC boats on the market this year.


This device is suitable for children above 12 years of age. Its speed ranges between 20-25 km/h and covers a distance of about 300 feet. It measures about 9.3*32*6.5 inches. Its transmitter utilizes one 8AA battery. For optimum performance, it comes with a user manual, two propellers and an AC charger (110 v). It is powered by two powerful motors of high-speed RS-390SSH.


Does your child admire the way police boats cruise across oceans to counter drug traffickers?

Then, this device will make your fantasies come true. Its powerful radio control system allows you to make left or right turns as well as move backward or forward even from a long distance. It comes with a high-grade aerodynamic plastic outer body that is sturdy allowing it to serve your child for as long as he/she may wish. It is fully developed in the factory, so it comes ready to cruise. It is powered electrically and comes with a safety mechanism for the safest gaming experience.


This device is incredibly powerful and fast. To prevent overheating, it comes with a water-cooling mechanism that increases its durability. Thanks to the self-righting features, the boat can get back to action even after capsizing. It also comes with a server controller and a speed regulator as an added advantage to its control system. Its radio control mechanism (2.4 GHz) makes this RC boat easy to monitor.


This product features a twin canopy locking layout that is responsible for its power to make significant moves in the water across. The boat comes with a self-righting mechanism that allows this device to remain intact after capsizing. It features a well-developed cooling system for more advanced functions. A radio system for control is fitted inside this device for easier control.


This RC boat gets its power from a rechargeable battery (7.2v NI-CAD). It is designed to be lightweight for easy transport aware from the water. Its exterior is painted using a glossy paint making it resistant to scratch. It comes with a dual motor system and twin propellers that ensure it cruises perfectly in the water. It is fully assembled in the factory hence arrives in a ready to run the state. It is ideal for children above the age of 3 years.


This device is probably the best RC boat on the market this year. It comes with a robust self-righting control design making it very sturdy as compared to other brands on the market. It features a durable 2950kv outrunner and brushless motor for the best action. You are sure of an excellent cruising time thanks to the powerful radio system (2.4 GHz) and the water-cooled ESC(30-AMP). All these stunning features make this RC boat highly competitive in the market.


Designed by UDIRC manufacturers, this RC boat is known for its power in the water and other quality features. It’s rechargeable via USB thus you don’t need to worry about buying batteries. It moves at a speed of 15 mph giving you the best performance thanks to its huge and mighty motor. It also features a durable, rugged anti-tilt hull. To ensure it doesn’t go off unexpectedly, this device is fitted with a low battery warning alarm that gives you time to move to the shore.


Watching this boat in action is something I have always loved. It comes with amazing self-control features that enable it to withstand mild waves and remain intact even after capsizing. It features a low battery warning alarm that gives you time to move to the shore before the boat stops. With a strong 370-size motor, that is single-prop and water-cooled, this RC boat is simply the best. Its price and style make it outstanding.


This cruiser boat is painted using a glossy paint that ensures it’s durable to serve you as much as you need it. It comes with a powerful radio control system to enable it to move in any direction you desire. It is presented to the customer in ready to run form so you can test and use it immediately after purchase. It is ideal for a variety of water bodies from lakes to pools.


Would you like a sturdy boat that kicks other RC boats out of the way in the water? Then you definitely might want to try this device. The venom RC boat moves at a speed of 15 mph. It comes with a stunning design that allows you to make sharp turns and auto-flips in water. It is strong enough to withstand relatively strong waves and remains intact after capsizing. It features a 600mah 3.7-volt Li-ion battery that doubles your time in the water.

In conclusion, it is clear that a quality RC boat is a super gift for your loved one. Different designs colors and shapes are readily available on the market today to ensure every child’s taste and preference is looked into.

With all these put into consideration, it is evident that RC boats are the right deal for your child.

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  1. My nephew is an avid boat lover, so I know that any of these would make a great choice for a Christmas or birthday gift! Thanks for sharing!

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