World’s Smallest Video Drone – Aerix VIDIUS HD

There are different types of drones that have been used for various purposes. While some are to monitor traffic on the roads as we could see in some countries, some are particular for taking photos and streaming videos. While the large drones are so bulky and cumbersome for streaming videos especially for personal use, there has been a dire need for the world smallest video drone, Aerix VIDIUS HD, that is easily manageable and portable.

Best experts who have tested and tried this drone say, ‘’There are big drones, little drones, and small drones. Here, you are going to learn about the tiny drone that fits into the palm of your hand.’’ Of course, when you place it at the palm of your hand, you will surely believe that this is a mega-discovery that has made things simple and efficient. You can travel with it wherever you want since it is very portable. You just put it in its box and fit it into your travel bag.

The- all best Aerix VIDIUS HD drone is another great invention that replaces the long drones and is the best for streaming aerial live videos taking photos. With this best drone, you can be in a position to take or stream everything live that is within the 100 feet reach capacity for this device. A special connection is there between your smartphone and the drone that helps in controlling and to recording videos, whenever and wherever you like.

‘’Not only is this video drone tiny but also takes videos at720p and is, therefore, a high definition video camera.’’ This information is what the experts say regarding this powerful drone that comes in great style and size.

What are the features?

Do you want to know the features of this Aerix VIDIUS HD drone? Perhaps you want to give it a try, and you are looking for more information regarding the description of this magnificent drone. The world smallest drone indeed comes with amazing and unbelievable features that will leave you mouth open. To mention the details, the features include the following:

720p HD Videos

According to the history, the previous smallest drone capacity was 420p, and this replaces it with more streaming power that makes it the best and most compelling product for video streaming. When you have this Aerix VIDIUS HD drone, you feel more power in your hands since you have the clear view of whatever you are streaming. You will have the authority and experience of the pilot to have a first-hand view and control as you do the streaming with the control of your phone.

Goggle Mode

‘’You have the power in your hands. A real power to immerse yourself in the life of the high definition camera, you can view everything first-hand and live with the new feature incorporated in this powerful Aerix VIDIUS HD drone. That is the Goggle Mode. The Goggle Mode is an app that you install on your phone and helps you to have a cockpit control over the drone while taking videos or just for adventure as most users do with it.

Altitude Assistance Module

The altitude mode has been seen in the large drones and now is a great feature that is utilized by the small and tiny drones as well. As a pilot, you want to maintain a certain height to avoid getting your drone too high or too low. With that, the drone comes with the incorporation of the altitude assistance module abbreviated as AAM. The integration of this feature utilizes the barometer style device that has been fitted into the drone for maintaining altitude and thus helping the pilots to have a more focus on directional flights for quality results.

Built-in Blade Guards

The blade guards are usually for protection. Of course, you would want to ensure that your drone remains alive. When it encounter an obstacle accidentally, your drone will always stay safe, and there is nothing to worry. That boosts the confidence to the users since there is nothing to lose if your drone has the excellent blade guard feature of which it is for this brand and type.

Headless Mode

The headless mode enables the pilots to have an all-round control without having to keep in one or unidirectional mode. That is the reason why most of the customers have been seeking for this feature with the manufacturers and now is available with the Aerix VIDIUS, the most powerful tiny video streaming drone. The feature is meant to enable you as a pilot or a streamer, of which you are both, to have left, right, back and forward move.

Flight time

The flight time is of the great essence when it comes to video recording. Of course, you would want to know how long the drone would take on air while streaming and recording live videos. Indeed, the drone can take a reasonable time, and that is 5 to 7 minutes for a 20-minute charge.

360 degrees rotation

‘’Yes you can make turns, make rotations if you want with this tiny drone. With this awesome feature, it is easy for you to adjust your orientation while on air. That is of the great essence for videography.’’ That additional feature makes this drone a complete right, left, back, forward and rotation in any angle device.

Bright LED Lights

Is this drone useful at night? Perhaps you are wondering whether this drone can be used during the evening. Users and experts say it is possible. The reason behind this possibility rests solely on the embedded colored bright LED lights that enable the pilot to manage the drone easily in the dark or during the night.

‘’You would want to take or stream your videos in a dark room or during the night, and that is all possible when you have the Aerix VIDIUS drone. Pilots need to be aware that you can have a full control that is aided by the bright lights and you will never get lost in the air or come into contact with unnecessary obstacles.’’ Yes, you can still have the perfect view and control.

‘’In summary, this VIDIUS tiny drone comes with power that has made the life of videographers easy. There is no more need to hire big drones or expensive airplanes to stream your live videos. Moreover, there is no more need to spend a lot of money. Lastly, there is no more need to bother yourself with the transportation of the drone. Indeed, this is the best drone of our time.’’ Experts say.

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